Why being your own boss is harder than you think

Being your own boss has some amazing benefits – you can decide on your own schedule, pick the projects you want to work on and choose the times you work. However, as with everything in life, being your own boss isn’t all plain sailing. A few challenges that you might come across are;

*Not taking a break

*You are the manager/employee/administrator – everything relies on you

*No holiday pay/sick pay

*Taking on too much work

*Not getting enough work

*Sorting out your finances

*Having no one to talk to during the day

*Pressure to constantly push yourself

*Lack of support

However, despite these downsides self employment can be incredibly fulfilling and being your own boss means you get to do exactly what you want. If you’re just starting out in the freelance world then stay tuned for lots of advice and information on what to expect.

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