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Get started freelance writing with our freelance writing tips. Learn how to become a freelance writer by reading our blog posts on creating a freelance pitch, finding jobs for freelance writing beginners and by learning how to create samples for your freelance writer portfolio. Getting started freelance writing begins by finding your freelance writing niche or niches. Once you’ve chosen your freelance writing niche, you can start to build your portfolio by gaining writing jobs or by guest posting on other blogs and websites. Create effective freelance writing pitches and build a services page on your website to let potential clients know that you are available¬†for work. Get started freelance writing.

How to Sell Yourself as a Freelancer

When you’re self-employed, you really need to know how to sell yourself as a freelancer in order reap the rewards. Having a great portfolio helps too but knowing how to really sell yourself to potential clients can make the difference between getting that great job opportunity or going back to searching for projects. If you’re pitching a proposal or putting your CV forward, ask yourself these questions;

How to sell yourself as a freelancer

1. What are your strengths?

Think about the service that you’re selling. What is it you do well? What are your key areas of knowledge? For example, if you’re a freelance writer, what niches can you write for? do you have seo experience? can you write for varying audiences?

2. Show what you’re worth

There will be many people offering their services for less but what do you have that they don’t. It may be that you have a great standard of English, lots of experience, you’re good at researching, have qualifications in a particular field. Don’t be afraid to pitch for a higher rate than other clients if you can show what you can do!

3. Don’t mention what you can’t do

Forget mentioning what you can’t do to clients – concentrate on what you can do. If you need to mention to a client that you don’t have experience in a certain area, turn it into a positive, such as ‘my area of expertise is academic writing only’.

4. Offer a sample of your work

Always offer a sample of your work in a job proposal or pitch. It’s a good idea to create a portfolio of your work (I’ll have some steps to show you how you can easily achieve this next week). If you don’t have a portfolio, do you have links to work published online? Alternatively, can you upload a sample to include with your pitch?

5. Tailor yourself to the job

How can you tackle the job that’s on offer? Look at the job description and tailor your pitch to the specification. Mention why you can meet the skills required. For instance, if the job is writing a blog post then mention other blogs you’ve written for, the types of genres you’ve written for and any other details that makes you the right candidate for the job. This may include your experience of platforms, such as WordPress, the use social media or search engine optimisation.


How To Make Your First 1k Freelancing

So, you’ve started freelancing or you’re thinking of transitioning to freelance work. You’re going to want to know how to make money right? Of course, doing something you’re incredibly passionate about is great but unfortunately that’s not going to pay the bills.

Having set myself up as a freelancer with very little guidance – and it really has been me just jumping in at the deep end, I feel I can share my wisdom with you.

Earning you’re first 1k as a freelancer really isn’t that difficult. That hard part is getting started freelancing. Once you’ve cracked that, you’re on your way.

However, there’s a few things that are going to help you…


4 Ways To Get Writing Experience

4 ways to get writing experience

If you want to become a freelance writer and not sure how then this post is for you. I always used to wonder how I could make the jump into writing. Though I’d worked in a media environment (advertising) before, I’d never worked ‘officially’ as a writer. I have a degree which has helped but it wasnt until I decided to just go for it and try online writing as a source of income that I realised it was completely possible to make my dream as a freelance writer a possibility.