Make the move. Learn how to go from blogger to paid freelance writer in 5 easy lessons.


Earn Money Searching The Web With Qmee

Sometimes as a freelancer (or even if you’re not) every little bit of extra money helps. One way you can earn a few extra pennies is by searching the web.

Qmee is a platform that rewards you for searching the web via Google. You add a widget to your toolbar and then conduct your normal activity on the web. I should say that this definitely isnt a get rich quick scheme or anything of the like. You generally earn a few pence for certain terms that you search for. You dont earn money on every search so it does take time to build up a decent amount.

How it works

Say for instance, I wanted to look for some bedding and I typed ‘debenhams’ into the search bar. A pop up may then appear on the left hand side of the screen with a cash reward attached. If I clicked on a link appearing it that pop up, I would receive the cash amount stated and it would appear in my account.

You can also earn rewards on ebay searches, amazon and bing too.

As I said, paid results don’t always appear for every term you search so its best to just do your normal web use rather than to try and rack up rewards by searching for every term you can think of.

How are you paid?

You can cash out via Paypal and it normally appears straight away.

Does it cost to join?

No, its completely free to sign up

Is it worth it?

To give you an idea of what you can earn, I signed up in September 2014 and cashed out around £5.50 in January 2015. As you can see, you’re not going to get rich but I do think its worth signing up as you don’t have to do anything and it hasnt slowed down my computer or browser. Once you’ve added the widget, you just use your browser as normal.

If you want to sign up, you can do so here

Free Courses On The Web

As the start of a new year dawned, you may have been thinking about learning a new skill, hobby or just considering a new interest. Taking a course can be quite expensive, especially if you’re on a budget. However, there are several free courses on the web. I’ve found a few which may help you to learn something new, develop a skill or may just act as a starting point for further investigation into a paid course.

Alison Courses

Alison provides a range of online courses free of charge. You can claim certificates once you’ve completed a course, however these require a fee. Some courses do have PDF certificates that you can download free of charge.

All courses are free to learn in your own time – there’s no time limit for completion and you can pick from a variety of topics. If you’re a blogger or freelance writer, you may be interested in the following;

Digital photography

Web page development

Adobe photoshop

English writing skills

Google analytics

Social media marketing

Building an online business

Another portal for free online learning is Future Learn whose courses are in partnership with several universities in the UK. These courses have a start and end date and tend to rotate so different courses are on offer at varying times. Some upcoming courses to look out for are;

Preparing for uni

The secret power of brands

How to succeed at writing job applications

How to succeed at interviews

Community journalism: digital and social media

Vision to learn is a British online learning site with a range of free courses. You need to apply to these courses and a certificate/qualification may be offered at the end of the course. Courses include;

Essential IT skills

Business and administration

Equality and diversity

OpenLearn is The Open University’s free online course portal. Here there are a wide range of free materials from OU courses to give you a taster of a subject. A few topics include;

Start writing fiction

Writing what you know

Managing my money

Entrepreneurial behaviour

Using voluntary work to get ahead in the job market

Free courses are a great way to boost your CV/resume. Even if you don’t receive a qualification at the end, its still worth mentioning as it shows motivation, a willingness to learn and determination – all good aspects that employer’s look for.

Being Your Own Boss | Why It’s Harder Than You Think

Being your own boss has some amazing benefits – you can decide on your own schedule, pick the projects you want to work on and choose the times you work. However, as with everything in life, being your own boss isn’t all plain sailing. A few challenges that you might come across are;

*Not taking a break

*You are the manager/employee/administrator – everything relies on you

*No holiday pay/sick pay

*Taking on too much work

*Not getting enough work

*Sorting out your finances

*Having no one to talk to during the day

*Pressure to constantly push yourself

*Lack of support

However, despite these downsides self employment can be incredibly fulfilling and being your own boss means you get to do exactly what you want. If you’re just starting out in the freelance world then stay tuned for lots of advice and information on what to expect.