4 ways to get writing experience

If you want to become a freelance writer and not sure how then this post is for you. I always used to wonder how I could make the jump into writing. Though I’d worked in a media environment (advertising) before, I’d never worked ‘officially’ as a writer. I have a degree which has helped but it wasnt until I decided to just go for it and try online writing as a source of income that I realised it was completely possible to make my dream as a freelance writer a possibility.

I’ve already shared a few places you can look for for gaining employment in this post. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be covering freelance sites, CV writing and creating a portfolio in more detail. I’m no expert in this field but this blog is a way for me to share my personal experiences with you, the challenges I’ve faced and how you can realistically earn money and develop your skills online.

If you want to gain freelance writing work then you’re going to need some form of experience. This doesn’t have to be in a formal setting but here are a few things I suggest.

How to get writing experience

*College/Uni magazine

Working on a college or university magazine is a great way to get some writing experience and a reference for future work. You’ll be able to get some guidance from an editor and gain experience of both working in a team and on your own. If you’re unsure if your college or university has a magazine then try searching your institutions website or asking an advisor.

*Create your own blog/website

Creating your own blog or site allows you to produce the content you want. Writing my own blog for three years led me to gaining jobs from a range of clients. I would suggest sticking to one niche, rather than covering lots of topics. Consider what you’re passionate about and what your strengths are. You can use these to your advantage and the work you produce can be used as part of your portfolio and job applications. It’s super easy to set up your own blog – learn how to set up a WordPress blog here


Internships are a way of gaining experience in both a formal and/or at home setting. I would definitely consider each internship with caution as some are full time with just your travel costs reimbursed. It might be better to try and find a freelance placement in which you can work from home. You can find several internships via indeed and the usual jobsites.

*Guest posting

If you dont want to set up your own blog then you could approach other bloggers and ask if you could write an article for their blog. I would suggest writing a polite email to approach them. Many bloggers may not accept guest posts, so dont be too disheartened if they say no. Learn how to start guest posting in this post.

If you want to start freelance writing, sign up for the free resource library and grab free downloads and pitch templates to start applying for online content jobs.


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